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Management Team

Kunpeng ZHA

●  Executive Director, General Manager

Kunpeng Zha was born in Henan Province in 1977. He obtained his master's degree in the major of high voltage and insulation technology from the China Electric Power Research Institute and then received his PhD degree in the electric and electronic area in 2005. His special fields of research interest include high voltage technology, HVDC valve technology; high power electronics test technology, measurement and automation, etc. . He is also a member of IEC and CIGRE.

By far, a total of 18 technology awards have been awarded to Zha, including 2 at national level and 5 at ministry (provincial) level; 35 patents have been granted to him; He also presided over to participate in 9 research projects, of which 2 at the national level, 6 at ministerial level, and 1 at municipal level, and has participated in the publication of 3 monographs, published 10 papers on SCI and EI, obtained 33 invention patents and 24 utility model patents; Seven doctoral students, four postgraduates have been trained and granted corresponding degree under his supervision.

Currently, Kunpeng Zha is serving as executive director, general manager and deputy party secretary of C-EPRI Power Engineering Co., Ltd. His main responsibility is development strategy, scientific research and international market development.

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